There is so much more to loving and obsessing over your horse than mud, sweat, tears and vets bills. Well that is 95% of it but its not all cold wet socks after you loose one welly in the mud of a gateway. There truly is no better friend than a horse, those big eyes and ears that are always pricked when they see you with a bucket of well balanced premium feed whilst you  'look forward' to your packet of super noodles for dinner.

In all seriousness, I totally get it. There is nothing like the relationship between your and your horse, There's nothing like the getting to the stables after a long day at work and for a brief moment becoming a child again, care free and in love with your horse. A relationship that needs to be captured. A best friend that deserves a  frame on your wall. Let me help you capture that. Sessions run from April until November and are extremely limited so please get in contact to book.


1 hour photography session

All digital images included in high resolution

Mileage charges apply

Wall art available to purchase